Chloes models are a child model agency based in West London representing babies,children and teenagers for modelling work in fashion,photographic,advertising,magazines and commercials.

As an ex model herself Chloe has watched 3 of her children grow up enjoying a modelling career themselves leading Chloes decision to launch Chloes child model agency.

Chloes model agency serves all areas of the media and creative industries.

The agency is managed and run by mums who all have experience in the model industry , our approach is to be a family based agency dealing with all our models and parents on a first name basis.We are selective with the children that we acccept onto our books, we will only take on children that we feel have a chance of getting work,once we have received an application if your child is deemed suitable we will contact you within a few days to inform you of the next steps.

Should your child be accepted to join the agency although we do not charge a  registration fee you will be asked to pay a inclusion fee into the talent web directory for your child, the fee for this is £75 for babies and £125 for children , this fee also includes a photo session and  any updates through the year on your childs details,

The agency earns from commision so it is in our interest to put forward   our models for all assignments that fits your childs criteria in able to try to secure your child work , we then take 25 to 37 % commision fees excluding travel fees for which you are responsible.

Once accepted with our agency you will have your childs profile made active so that clients can view it.

Clients are continually searching for fresh faces,new  looks

Children on our books cover a wide range of looks, age ,personalities,ethnicities and back grounds, one thing that is vital for all  parents considering applying for there child to be a model is the childs enthusiasm to join along with patience,flexibility and commitment.

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