Frequently asked questions

How does the application process work

please complete the application form ,Once we receive your application, we will respond within 3 to 4 days,if selected to join you will be sent details of the next step.

How does the agency earn

the agency earns on commission,we take between 25-37 per cent commission on all fees.

is my child guaranteed work

no agency can guarantee work what we can guarantee is that it is in our own interests to try and get as much work possible for all on our books, we are constantly sourcing new clients,

do you accept children with disablities

yes we do ,

what happens at a casting

we will contact you with the time and address of the casting ,when you arrive they will ask your child to say a few lines and take a few snaps,you may not be told on the day if you have been successful ,we will contact you if you are

how can i increase my childs chances at a casting

try to arrive slightly earlier so that you can unwind and prepare your child.wear simple clothing with no logos patterns or bright colours, only one parent should go into the casting venue as many of the casting venues are small , castings are normally quick you shouldnt be there long.

Does my child need a professional portfolio

no, we have online portfolios for all our models,these include any work they may do and are constantly monitored and updated

What can my child expect to earn on a job

For photographic fees all clients vary,though as an approximationbetween £50-£60 per hour or £250-£350 per day, we charge fees for all auditions ans castings this is usually paid too the model at £18 , for television work fees are approximately £160-£200 per day, if yoour child should be used foor the finakl cut they will normally get a buy out payment this is usually 500% of the day rate, you will not normally be able to claim travelling expenses though if the shoot is outside the london area we can claim travel expenses, For any television work the chaperone will get a day rate of beteween £70-£100.

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